St. Somewhere Malbec 2011 Mendoza, Argentina

704921_410722715675447_2023633850_oRed Wine

Malbec is a grape allowed in Bordeaux red wine blends. While it’s popularity is waning in France, it’s become an Argentine varietal wine. I’m tasting St Somewhere from Mendoza, Argentina.

This wine has a deep, inky, black, red-violet color. The edges, when put under light, have a  pomegranate hue. It looks nice.

In the bouquet I get cherry, dark raspberry, and slight plum fragrances.

The mouthfeel is medium heavy bodied, slightly bitter, with salt, and unami to balance it.  The the taste has raspberry overtones and dark fruit. The tannins are wide and well balanced.

The finish is velvety, sophisticated, and sexy, lingering like a conversation you’d like to never end.

I really like this wine,  copped it at Trader Joe’s for $8.99.

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